Pay with ScoreCard Rewards points.
Pay with your rewards card at CVS.
Get $10 off your purchase!*
During checkout select "yes" to redeem 2,000 ScoreCard Rewards points and save today.
Steps to redeem your points:
Shop at your local CVS location.
Use your rewards credit or debit card at checkout.
Follow the on-screen prompts. Select “yes” to redeem your offer.
Option to redeem your points is already built in to your card

More money for your points

You'll automatically be prompted to use points at checkout
Get the benefits of using your points for everyday purchases!
*In store only.  Points will be returned to cardholder’s Point Bank either in full or prorated based on the return amount.  Minimum purchase amount to qualify for the offer is $10.01. Points cannot be used for purchases at affiliated businesses such as MinuteClinic®, CVS at Target, Navarro®, Schnucks®, or CVS Optical or on alcohol, deposits, ephedrine/pseudoephedrine, gift card, local exclusions, lottery, milk, money order, other fees, postage stamps, prepaid cards, prescriptions and taxes. © Copyright 2024 All rights reserved.